Eras of Antique Jewellery

24th Jun 2019

From the elegant Edwardian era, to the iconic Art Deco period; specific antique jewellery pieces have definitely been influenced by prominent styles and trends during these times. Whether it’s due to who was reigning at the time, an economic impact or innovations in jewellery manufacturing; this infographic features key eras that influenced antique and vintage jewellery design, along with some of the reasons behind these influences.

The infographic also highlights certain characteristics antique jewellery pieces tend to have based on the time in which they were created. For example naturalistic designs and materials were popular during the Art Nouveau period, and the romantic period during the Victorian era featured jewellery with lots of filigree and brightly coloured gemstones. A number of metal working techniques were common during the Georgian era due to machinery not yet being available – with Repoussé and Cannetille being two of the most recognisable techniques, and the discovery of Tutankahamen in 1922 meant that Egyptian motifs became very apparent in jewellery.