Jewellery Care


We recommend that you always clean and polish your jewellery using professional cleaning cloths and creams, if not with a soft lint free cloth.

The best way to make your diamonds look their best and to maximise their brilliance is to gently clean them on top and from behind with a soft tooth brush using warm mildly soapy water. Rinse your jewellery well afterwards to remove any residue and dry thoroughly.

Other gemstones can react badly to soap and so should be simply wiped over with a cloth. Again a soft toothbrush with just warm clear can be used to clean them from behind.

Pearls are very delicate and have a low resistance to heat and should be wiped with a cloth.

Silver is the most likely metal to tarnish if not rhodium plated, it is less likely to do so if you wear it regularly. A silver cloth is inexpensive and can bring out the metals lustre extremely well. 

What To Avoid

Be aware that perfumes, body sprays, creams and deodorants can remain on your jewellery making it dull and it is best to apply them before wearing your jewellery. Soapy water and hand lotions will always eventually get under your jewellery and the build up of dry soap can happen quickly, so we recommend that you regularly remove your rings to give them a quick clean to maintain their gleam and shine.

Chlorinated water and domestic cleaning products can be especially bad for jewellery and cause tarnishing. It is best to remove jewellery if you are going in a swimming pool.

Be careful with opals as putting them into very cold or hot water can cause them to crack.

It is best not to wear jewellery whilst undertaking heavy work or gardening as jewellery can be easily damaged, especially jewellery with stones in.

Bear in mind that the higher carat the gold the softer it is, therefore easier to damage. 

Care and Storage

Always store jewellery in a soft jewellery box or pouch individually to avoid scratching.

It is worth having your jewellery checked over from time to time to ensure that your items claws are not worn and therefore your stones are set safely. We are happy to do this as a free service. 

We provide a full range of products in store for all of jewellery cleaning needs. You may want to try out a Dazzle Stick which gives your diamonds a fantastic short term shine, great if you’re going out for the evening.

We provide a repair, re-plate and polishing service.