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At RH Jewellers we boast a selection of exclusive vintage and antique pre-owned earrings. We stock beautiful diamond earrings, stud earrings and elegant diamond drop earrings, each offering a unique, timeless design that is suitable for every special occasion.

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Perfect as a gift for a loved one, or simply to add a touch of luxury to your jewellery collection; our pre-owned earrings are a wonderful keepsake. Along with the other diamond jewellery available on our website, our pre-owned pieces range from diamond cluster earrings, to diamond stud earrings and we also provide 9ct gold earrings, 18ct white gold earrings and stylish hoop earrings.

Why not complete your look with a bangle or pendant from our second hand jewellery collection? We offer second hand rings, necklaces and bracelets in a range of different styles and finishes.

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If you are buying vintage or second hand earrings from an established jeweller, each second hand item should be professionally cleaned and sterilised before being sold. If you’re purchasing second hand earrings from a marketplace or charity shop, then make sure to sterilise them by rubbing them with alcohol before wearing.

Diamonds traditionally symbolise eternal love which is why they are often used in engagement rings. Diamond jewellery whether that’s a ring, bracelet or diamond earrings are the perfect romantic gift for someone special to celebrate an occasion.

You can test whether a diamond is real using the fog test. Authentic diamonds should not fog up and if fog does appear, it should dissipate in seconds. To test the diamond’s authenticity, first, wipe the stone with a clean cloth. Hold the diamond to your mouth and breathe fog onto the surface. If it takes several seconds or longer for the fog to dissipate, it is likely a fake. However, it’s best to ask a professional jeweller.

The value of 14K earrings will depend on the weight, gemstone content and condition of them. Some earrings are worth more if there is excellent craftsmanship, if they are a particular brand or if they are antique. Second hand earrings can often be very good value.

Gold in its pure form is too delicate and soft for everyday wear. For this reason, gold is often mixed or alloyed with other metals such as zinc, silver, nickel and copper. The most common mixes of gold jewellery include: 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, and 22ct. The higher the gold content, the softer the metal, although any of these will be fine to wear as long as they are cared for.

If your ears are sensitive to certain types of jewellery, it is best to avoid any blends of metal that include nickel. Instead, choose a jewellery made from a blend that includes titanium, nickel-free stainless steel, platinum, or medical grade plastic. It’s rare to have an allergy to gold, although some people react to lower carats of gold such as 9ct because they are often mixed with alloys to include nickel. You should be fine with 14ct or above. If you’re going for silver, 925 silver or higher shouldn’t contain any nickel so is less likely to cause a reaction.

Sometimes the word “vintage” will simply refer to the style of the item; however, for a piece of jewellery to be considered authentic vintage, it must be at least 50 years old. A way to identify whether a jewellery item is vintage is by looking for a hallmark which will give an accurate date of manufacture coded by a letter. The style, manufacturing methods, type of metal content and gemstone cut are all clues as to how old a pair of earrings may be.