Second Hand, Vintage & Antique, Gold & Diamond Earrings

At RH Jewellers we boast a selection of exclusive vintage and antique pre-owned earrings. We stock beautiful diamond earrings, stud earrings and elegant diamond drop earrings, each offering a unique, timeless design that is suitable for every special occasion. 

Perfect as a gift for a loved one, or simply to add a touch of luxury to your jewellery collection; our pre-owned earrings are a wonderful keepsake. Along with the other diamond jewellery available on our website, our pre-owned pieces range from diamond cluster earrings, to diamond stud earrings and we also provide 9ct gold earrings, 18ct white gold earrings and stylish hoop earrings

Why not complete your look with a bangle or pendant from our second hand jewellery collection? We offer second hand rings,necklaces and bracelets in a range of different styles and finishes.  

Shop our stunning second hand earrings below.