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Jewellery is a timeless emblem of beauty, sophistication, and style. It might serve as a memento of a significant occasion, a family treasure, or simply a means of expressing yourself and who you are. We are proud of our unique and stunning array of jewellery pieces that will be as one-of-a-kind and special as you are. Our store is located at 139 High Street, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 1AR. We are very accessible from London by tube, using Rickmansworth tube station on the Metropolitan line, which is only a five-minute walk away from the store. 

Vintage and antique jewellery are intrinsically stylish and have a beautiful history. You'll notice the jeweller's commitment to the craft and the understanding that you're obtaining a unique piece that isn't mass-produced and available to everyone. 

Whatever the occasion, we have a wide range of exquisite pieces that are both high-quality and timeless. Our team of highly skilled and experienced jewellery specialists are available to assist you in finding your dream piece that you can cherish for many years.

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