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We take pride in our exquisite collection of pre-owned rings which consists of a range of classic, vintage and antique designs to suit all tastes.

Whether you're looking for engagement rings,wedding rings or eternity rings; mark every milestone with an exclusive piece of jewellery from RH Jewellers. We offer years of unrivalled expertise and stock a range of different designs in our pre-owned ring collection, such as diamond rings, yellow and white gold solitaire rings, signet rings, cluster rings and sterling silver rings.

As well as sourcing beautiful second hand rings, we also offer a range of other second hand jewellery including bracelets and bangles, pendants and necklaces, earrings and men's jewellery.


Vintage engagement rings are often a lower price than new engagement rings because they are considered second-hand items with no manufacturing costs involved. However, they are in no way inferior to new engagement rings in terms of quality. They are also often unique in style and character, and a very special and sentimental engagement ring for the right person.

Often “vintage” refers to the style of the jewellery item instead of the age. However, authentic vintage rings are items that are at least 50 years old, although some jewellers and sellers may specify 20 years. Antique rings on the other hand, refer to items that are at least 100 years old. To ensure the item is authentic vintage jewellery, check with your jewellery seller before purchasing.

An antique ring, as with any antique, is an item made over 100 years ago. A professional jeweller will be able to assess if an item is an antique by studying the style, materials, gemstone cuts and manufacturing methods used to make the piece of jewellery. Some items have a hallmark which gives an year date coded by a letter.

No, vintage rings are often cheaper than new rings because they are considered second-hand items with no manufacturing costs involved. However, they are not lesser in quality and are therefore often better value than a new ring. As well as often being one off items, they can also be unique in style and character.

The traditional rule for buying an engagement ring is that the value should be equal to around 2-3 month’s salary. However, it is up to the buyer to decide their own price range for the ring. The right jeweller will be able to find the perfect ring that suits both your budget and the style of ring you want.

Take a ring from your girlfriend’s jewellery box that you have seen her wear on the same finger and take it to a jeweller to find out her ring size. Alternatively, you could ask one of her family members or friends to bring up a conversation about ring sizes and slip the question in for you. Otherwise, it’s best to visit a jeweller together and have her size assessed professionally.

In the jewellery trade, an authentic vintage ring is at least 50 years old. However, sometimes “vintage” might refer to the style of the ring instead of the age. If you’re looking for an authentic vintage ring, then check with your jeweller for the age of the item before purchasing.

The best place to buy authentic vintage and antique rings are from an established jeweller. At Robert Harris Jewellers, we specialise in authentic vintage, antique and fine jewellery for engagements and special occasions. You can browse our collection of vintage rings in our online store.

There are many places where you can sell vintage and antique rings. Most people either sell via an auction house or to a specialist jeweller. Auction houses achieve a price dependent on who is bidding and charge a percentage for their service. A good jeweller will give you what the item is worth based on the current value.

Examining the gemstones of a vintage ring is a good way to tell whether it is an authentic item or not. Older gemstones may have a less precise cut and a warmer tone than new stones. You can also check your ring for markings, some hallmarks will give you an exact date coded by a letter as well as the carat of gold. A good local jewellery will be able to tell you if your ring is genuine.

Antique and vintage rings can usually be sized, although this will depend if the ring has a complex shank and if it is not too worn. Usually a piece of metal is added or taken away, although some rings can be stretched slightly to increase the size.

Much can be assessed by the style of a ring as tastes change through time which is reflected in the design of jewellery. As you further back in time gemstones have been cut with more primitive methods and different manufacturing processes have been used which can greatly help to date an item of jewellery. Some jewellery is hallmarked which gives a year date coded by a letter.

Care should be taken when cleaning an antique ring as stones can become loose, which may not be obvious. Clean your ring in hot soapy water using a soft toothbrush. Clean the ring from all angles, especially from underneath where dirt can build up. Afterwards rinse with cold water, although if you’re cleaning an opal, moonstone, labradorite or feldspar don’t move the ring straight from hot to cold water as this can cause the stone to crack. Also, clean in a small tub, so that if a stone does fall out, it doesn’t disappear down your sink!