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From classic to contemporary, vintage to antique; our collection of pre-owned bracelets and bangles offer something for everyone. At RH Jewellers, we specialise in sourcing rare, high quality second-hand jewellery pieces that vary in design and finish. Shop our exquisite pre-owned bracelets and bangles below.

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Looking for the perfect gift? Our pre-owned diamond bracelets and white gold bangles are a timeless keepsake. Our curb bracelets, second-hand gold bracelets and 18ct yellow gold bracelets also make an ideal addition to your jewellery box.

We stock both women’s and men's second-hand bracelets as well as other pre-owned jewellery pieces such as second-hand rings, earrings and necklaces in gold, sterling silver and rose gold. Whether you require a charm bracelet to celebrate a special occasion, or a diamond bangle to mark a milestone; our bracelet and bangle collection is sure to cater to your needs.

The total value of a solid gold bangle will depend on its weight, finish and the condition of the item. The price of gold changes daily and alongside the value of any gemstones, it will contribute the most towards what it is worth.

Firstly you should consider the size of bangle that will best fit your wrist. Do you want one that opens and fits more tightly to the wrist, or one that you can put over your hand and onto your wrist which will sit looser? The price of a bangle will mainly be based on the carat of gold, the weight and whether it has gemstones, you may pay a premium for some brands. Second hand gold bangles are often very good value.

The number of bangles you wear depends on your personal style. If the bangles you choose have interesting detailing or are embedded with gemstones, you might want to wear them on their own. However, many people go for a plain slim design, known as a slave bangle which you can stack as many as 8-10 comfortably on your wrist.

9ct gold contains 37.5% of pure gold and the rest is 62.5% other metals. 9ct gold is long-lasting and is harder than purer forms of gold such as 18ct gold because of the metals it’s mixed with. Most jewellery in the UK is made from 9ct gold and is good quality.

The best carat of gold to buy depends on your individual requirements for the item. 24ct is the highest carat of gold (100% pure gold), however, it is softer than other carats, and has the potential to damage and wear easier. If you want something that is harder for everyday wear go for 18ct, 14ct or 9ct gold.

9K gold is harder than gold with a higher purity such as 14K gold, for this reason, it is a good option for jewellery items that you want to wear everyday. Bear in mind the weight and construction of the item you’re considering buying as this will count a long way towards how long it will last. Good quality pieces made from 9K gold will last beyond a lifetime if treated well.

Second hand jewellery is better value than new jewellery, in that you usually get more for your money. For a piece of jewellery in good condition you can usually expect to pay 50 - 75% of the price of an equivalent new item. However, some designer, vintage and antiques items can become very desirable and so their value will increase.

You will usually get more for your money when buying second hand jewellery compared to new. There are also more one off items available, making your piece of second hand jewellery more individual and unique. Some people prefer the style of wearing vintage items.

The value of second hand jewellery is based on the type, quality and weight of its precious metal content, whether it has any set gemstones, its condition and its style. Gold prices often fluctuate which has a great effect on the value of gold jewellery. Some designer, vintage and antique items are desirable and so worth more.

Vintage jewellery is any item made over 50 years ago and antique jewellery is any item made over 100 years ago. Some jewellers and sellers will count an item of jewellery over 20 years old as being vintage. If you’re not sure, you can ask a reputable jeweller to estimate the age of an item.

Most people either sell via an auctioneer or to a specialist jeweller, however there are other places such as antique fairs, gold bullion buyers and eBay. A price achieved at auction will depend on who is bidding on the day and the auctioneer will take a cut of the sale price. A reputable jeweller will pay you what the item is worth based on the current value.

It’s best to buy second hand, vintage and antique jewellery from an established jeweller or seller. If you buy at auction it’s advised that you receive a detailed condition report and inspect the item before bidding wherever possible. If you’re buying online be sure that who you are buying from is reputable and has a decent return policy and guarantee.

Over time precious metals and gemstones generally increase, sometimes significantly, although as with all investments there are no guarantees. Investing in jewellery can be fun and it’s nice to own and wear something that you appreciate is also potentially rising in value.