Second Hand, Vintage & Antique, Gold & Silver Bangles & Bracelets

From classic to contemporary, vintage to antique; our collection of pre-owned bracelets and bangles offer something for everyone. At RH Jewellers, we specialise in sourcing rare, high quality second-hand jewellery pieces that vary in design and finish. 

Looking for the perfect gift? Our pre-owned diamond bracelets and white gold bangles are a timeless keepsake. Our curb bracelets, second-hand gold bracelets and 18ct yellow gold bracelets also make an ideal addition to your jewellery box. 

We stock both women’s and men's second-hand bracelets as well as other pre-owned jewellery pieces such as second-hand rings,earrings and necklaces in gold, sterling silver and rose gold. Whether you require a charm bracelet to celebrate a special occasion, or a diamond bangle to mark a milestone; our bracelet and bangle collection is sure to cater to your needs.  

Shop our exquisite pre-owned bracelets and bangles below.